CCHS Social Media Statement

CCHS Network maintains a private CCHS Facebook page for patient/family discussions.

You must be a member of the CCHS Network to access the private Facebook page.


Membership Rules

  1. The CCHS Network Facebook meeting space is a closed group. Membership is open to individuals and families registered with the CCHS Family Network. Please visit the appropriate page of the Register section (US Registration or International Registration) to register with the Network. Once registered you will be added to this forum.
  2. Membership is not available to non-family health care providers.
  3. Physicians and professionals from their services may not be members
  4. Once you are added to this group, you will have the option of adding other family members who play a significant role in the care of your child, or are a support to the CCHS patient. Please be aware, however, that administrators approve all other extended family member additions on an individual “need” basis. Privacy is of upmost importance to members using this site and additional membership request decisions will be made in light of this reality.
  5. The administrators and one CCHS Network Executive Board member will be arbiters of how these rules apply to membership in special cases.

The CCHS Foundation has an open Facebook page that anyone can join to follow CCHS.

You can also follow us on Twitter.