CCHS Day 2018

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CCHS Day 2018

CCHS Ties Us Together

4th Annual International CCHS Day: November 10, 2018

CCHS Ties Us Together is the 2018 annual fund campaign for the CCHS Foundation & CCHS Family Network. We invite our CCHS community and supporters from around the globe to join us in #MovingTowardACure.

Get Tied Up

What moves one forward better than a great pair of sneakers? The CCHS Foundation needs your help in gaining momentum and moving our community closer to a cure. We encourage all CCHS families and friends to get in on the action by lacing up a pair of sneakers on November 10th with the shoestrings tied together. Take a picture as a sign of solidarity with the global CCHS community and post it to our CCHS Day Facebook page. Or feel free to “take it a step further” by getting creative with this theme (be sure to capture and share any funny moments)! Then, make a donation to the CCHS Foundation that equals the cost of your favorite sneaks. Think of every penny donated as one big step toward a cure!

Facebook Fundraisers

The best and easiest way to make a difference this CCHS Day is to create a Facebook Fundraiser on your personal page. You can share your journey with family and friends and invite them to participate in the shoelace campaign described above. The CCHS Foundation has raised over $5000 since January through a handful of Facebook Fundraisers. Imagine if we all used social media to advocate for our cause! For detailed information on how to create a Facebook Fundraiser, go to

Change Your Social Media Profile Picture

Raising awareness is the most important goal of CCHS Day. Get the world’s attention by changing your social media profile picture to our CCHS Day 2018 logo below.

Host A CCHS Day Event

Gather your family and friends for a CCHS Day event. This could be anything from a small party at your home to a larger Dine & Donate fundraiser at a local restaurant. Consider selling shoelaces in our CCHS colors, having an obstacle course that must be completed with laces tied together, or put your own spin on it! Don’t forget to take pictures and add them to our CCHS Day Facebook page!

Buy A CCHS Day T-Shirt

Purchase CCHS Day t-shirts to show your support of this international campaign. Details coming soon.

We’re Here To Help

We understand that organizing a fundraiser can be a daunting task. The Foundation has a team of volunteers who are eager to share tips and experiences. Please contact us at with questions, ideas, and/or requests as you consider ways for your family to get involved!

Facebook Page

Please help promote this event by viewing and liking our Facebook Page! Feel free to post on your timeline and share!

The CCHS Foundation has an open Facebook page that anyone can join to follow CCHS.

You can also follow us on Twitter.


Consider making a donation to the CCHS Foundation at

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